An Invitation to Swim

Swimming is one of the great full body workout sports. Easy on the joints and bones, swimming reaches nearly every major muscle group. A challenging workout for all levels is part of our program and is definitely what every "body" needs.

We are a fun loving group of swimmers! Join us for Christmas and season wind-up parties, and for Sunday morning brunches and Wednesday night refreshments. We believe that having fun is in the foundation for any sport. We are sure you'll agree.

We take pride in the level of our coaching. Our instruction and workouts will help your full potential. Coaching is designed to accommodate the different swimming abilities within the club.

Feel a need to get serious? You can find that competitive spirit with us. We have top swim competitors and triathletes that will push you to your limits. Masters swimming is competitive at all age levels.


Our members' responses

" I have been swimming with the Rocky Mountain Masters ever since I moved to Calgary, over 6 years now.  I enjoy the benefits of swimming on an organized team, and value the coaching I have received.  I have competed from time to time with the club, which is always fun.  I have met many good friends on the team as well"

Latest Events
September 8, 2020

Rocky Mountain Masters is back up and running! We have a few spots left!

New practice times and location for 2020/2021 swim season:

Location: Killarney Pool 

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